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Memory and Celebration:
Examining the 1929 Sesquicentennial of the Sullivan Clinton Campaign

Join Mary Alexander, Curator of Education at the Arkell Museum at Canajoharie as she discusses the 1929 sesquicentennial celebration of the Sullivan Clinton Campaign.
The Sullivan Clinton Campaign was a major #RevolutionaryWar event in which thousands of troops were sent by General #GeorgeWashington to central and western New York. The troops were sent with the express purpose of wiping out the villages, homes, and crops of the #Haudenosaunee "Iroquois" Confederacy. This scorched earth campaign wrought havoc on the land and people; complicating an already difficult set of circumstances in the region.
She will examine how the original historical event was viewed 150 years later, in 1929, when the Village of Canajoharie, and much of central and western New York, set about on a series of commemorations of the military event. To better understand this, we will look at materials from the Arkell Museum and Canajoharie Library's permanent collection including artwork, newspaper articles, and photography.
In this program, she will look at the legacy of the 150th celebration and the impact of this celebration - that is still visible throughout the built landscape of our region.

Mary Alexander is the Curator of #Education and Public Engagement at the Arkell Museum and Canajoharie Library. She is passionate about history and art and making museums welcoming spaces for young and new visitors.

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