Tai Chi - wellness for body & mind

Photo by: Hal Sigurdsson

Tai Chi at Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site Fort Hunter –  Montgomery County, New York

Photo by: Hal Sigurdsson
Conducted a session outside as the sun was setting on a great day at Schoharie Crossing.  Open sky and sun to the west, while dark clouds churned to the east.  We had six of our eight participants present.  The participants are doing very well with the program and have given nothing but great comments about their progress and the location of the sessions.  They are eager each class to practice and learn more as well.  During each class we utilize the stepwise method as outlined by the program, and emphasize a principle of tai chi such as imagined resistance all the while focusing on weight transfer and posture. 
Thank you to the NYS Dept of Health and the Arthritis Foundation for this opportunity, as well as Tai Chi for Health Institute.

 Wellness & Fall Risk

Tai Chi is an ancient practice that today is used quite successfully as a gentle exercise.  At Schoharie Crossing we have been able to make available to a group of participants this wonderful program that is meant to encourage wellness and combat the risk of falling.  September is Fall Risk Prevention month, and the 23rd was more specifically Fall Risk Prevention Day - so what better way to recognize that than to conduct the session outside in the great autumn air as the sun was starting to descend?
       Much of the focus during this program is the awareness of weight transfer and spacial place of the self to the environment.  While imagining slight resistance to the movements, as well as breathing exercises and gentle progression of slow deliberate motion accomplishes this through focus, the participants are realizing the benefits to their daily lives.  One such testimonial only half-way through this course was a participant describing how they have incorporated principles of tai chi into their daily at home activities.  From the warm up exercises to remembering proper posture, breathing and movement. 
     It is wonderful to have this program being offered at the site, as it helps to illustrate just what is and can be offered at such a historic location.  While Schoharie Crossing does celebrate the Erie Canal and its pre-canal history, it celebrates even more the community that surrounds by showing the human condition in all of its shadows and light.  In this modern age, the site is a great source of historical information and recreation.  Deem it EduRecreation, but either way visiting the site for any of the programs, events or just to walk the trails, etc. is a great experience, a lot of fun and can bring wellness to your body and your mind.