Writing Self-Narrative Imperfectly; a Writers workshop

Schoharie Crossing Hosting Writers Workshop:

October 11th - 9am-2pm   $30

Amy Lee Czadzeck will be conducting a writers workshop entitled: Writing Self-Narrative Imperfectly on Saturday, Oct. 11th from 9am-2pm* at Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site.

There will be creative exercises and inspired instruction to embrace, explore, and authentically craft a self-narrative writing practice to bring back to your daily life. Whether you are writer of poetry, prose, fiction, memoir, a journal keeper, or just keep notes in your pocket, “Writing Self-Narrative Imperfectly” will help you discover and develop your unique writing voice. The workshop will focus on the process of generating your own work and developing self-care practices, quieting your inner editor, and to discover your writing edges.

This workshop is for you if you are looking for accountability in your work and looking for a place to open a notebook and write.

More information at:  Schoharie Crossing Event: Writing Self-Narrative Imperfectly
or: http://www.amyczadzeck.com/#!workshop/c12s6

*Please bring a picnic lunch.