New Year’s Resolutions: To get better, and better, and better! At all sorts of things!

New Year’s Resolutions:

The Friends of Schoharie Crossing are making resolutions for 2015 that include ideas for programming, events and community at the site and around the area.  We are excited about the New Year and hope you are as well.

Overall our resolutions are a formula to really show the site off and make it shine even brighter as a wonderful place to visit – not only for its rich history but its recreational value as well.

-   We hope to RESOLVE to increase awareness of the site across the region, the state, nation and internationally!
-   We RESOLVE to increase the number of devoted Friends to the site, providing greater support that can advocate, develop and trumpet the value of Schoharie Crossing
-   We RESOLVE to increase the great relationships we and the site have to the community, its organizations, schools, businesses and people
-   We RESOLVE to bring fantastic events to visitors – traditional ones like Canal Days & Not Just For Kids Storytelling – and new ones too!

 We RESOLVE to make available some of the best educational programming about the Erie Canal, Fort Hunter and more!

We think these five Resolves sums up what the efforts will be for 2015.  The site is excited – as are we – of the upcoming bicentennial in 2017 and a lot of planning has begun to celebrate that milestone.  On the path to that moment, there is still a lot of work to be done.  Schoharie Crossing has consistently provided the community with recreational, educational and entertainment programming for decades.  In this modern era, it may be easy to forget the true heritage of the region and that community factored so greatly into accomplishing so much. 

We suppose the best final resolution would be to ensure that in all our actions, programs, events, etc. of 2015 and going forward is directed with the best intentions of preserving history, and providing a resource to future generations.



    The trails around Schoharie Crossing are a wonderful asset to stay healthy - even in the winter.  While the beauty of nature surrounds during the spring, summer and fall, it also shows off a bit during the winter.  Try out a snow-hike (snow shoeing?) or cross country skiing the trails.  
 In the spring, try out some daily, weekly or occasional walks to check an eye on budding trees, flowers and the birds returning to nest.  Then in the summer the full splendor of the green-scaping, fresh air and sunny days.  
And of course the wonderful fall foliage is worth every step to smell, see and hear underneath your feet.  

Staying active all year takes motivation - but coming to Schoharie Crossing the motivation is easy!  The scenery is enough to make you want to come back time and time again!  You will always see or learn something new when you visit the site.  


If you would like to help support the programming and events at Schoharie Crossing, please join the Friends group!