A Crossing Situation Requires An Aqueduct

It has been a while since we presented an article on the way the Erie Canal crossed the Schoharie Creek - hence the name of the NYS Historic Site, Schoharie Crossing.  

A Map Showing The Schoharie Creek Crossing of the Erie Canal

The original crossing was through the waters of the Schoharie Creek. When this was constructed, it was already known that the best option would be an aqueduct to carry the canal over the creek. However, this would not be accomplished until a little more than twenty years after the canal opened.  The original "Clinton's Ditch" had some growth and accomplishments to go through before the aqueduct was built. 

After 1845, the Erie Canal would be carried high above the Schoharie Creek until 1916. 

Please enjoy this video to help explain the process further.