The Friends of Schoharie Crossing would like to extend a GIANT Thank You to all that attended this year's Canal Days event. 

It is with a great sense of honor that we were able to work with the following organizations:  Fritzann Farms, Run By Dogs, Montgomery County SPCA, Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions, ECOS, Schenectady Winter Sports Club, the Girl Scouts, Schenectady Disc Golf, the Utica ZooMobile, and many more. 

Along with SXSHS we would like to extend additional appreciation to the sponsors:  The Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor, the Natural Heritage Trust, NYS Canal Corporation, Alpin Haus, Parillo’s Armory Grill and Girard’s.  A thank you as well to Fonda Speedway, High Rollers, Dolci and Shorty’s for donating certificates or tickets for give-away prizes.

To the wonderful performers, it was great entertainment and enjoyed by all that were there – Thank you!  Cosby Gibson & Tom Staudle, the Nellies, Magician Jim Snack, Pip Squeaks the Clown, and Sara Milonovich.

Most of all Thank You to Tri-County Old Time Power for your dedication and support.

To the maintenance and grounds crew, as well as the visitor center staff and volunteers, you did a wonderful job that allowed attendees to explore, learn and most of all enjoy the event.

Sorry if we forgot anyone!