Writing Workshop at Schoharie Crossing

A Writing Workshop w/ Amy Lee Czadzeck
Whether you are writer of poetry, prose, fiction, memoir, a journal keeper, or just keep notes in your pocket, “Writing Self-Narrative Imperfectly” will help you discover and develop your unique writing voice. The workshop will focus on the process of generating your own work and developing self-care practices, quieting your inner editor, and to discover your writing edges. You will deepen your craft with more clarity and learn how to write bravely; meeting yourself and others’ pieces wherever you may be along the way throughout the day.
Amy Lee Czadzeck will facilitate creative exercises and offer inspired instruction to emb...race, explore, and authentically craft a self-narrative writing practice to bring back to your daily life.

Who this workshop may be for: It’s for you. The one that is an excellent observer of people, nature, and whom delights in simple things. You are sensitive and sensing and also not afraid to live in a beautiful mess. You want to begin a creative practice or are currently cultivating a creative life. 

This workshop is for you if you are looking for accountability in your work and looking for a place to open a notebook and write.

$30 fee
*Register or for more information:
* amyleeczadzeck@gmail.com *

Amy Lee Czadzeck is a thirty something poet writing about motherhood and living with chronic illness. She lives in the foothills of the Adirondacks with her husband, son, and dog, Herbie. Her poem, "The Appointment" is published in Typoetic.us: A Literary Magazine. She has twice been a part of the #GROWFIERCE reading series alongside a community of women writers at Bluestockings book store in NYC. She has led a group of active summer writers in a 8-week online writing course using writing as a tool for healing. She is currently underway of publishing her first poetry chapbook, “Small Gift.”