Heaven's Ditch & Pokestops

Seems an odd revolution is happening in the world of historic sites and museums.  PokemonGo has taken off by leaps and bounds, transforming the way young adults and...er, "Millennials" engage with their community.  How does this seem to be connected to Heaven's Ditch? Well, perhaps the younger generation is reacting to something they see as needed, whether for amusement or for the sense of community that being a part of PokemonGo play provides.  Jack Kelly, author of a new book exploring the Erie Canal and society along it - with a focus on the religious and social changes it fostered - mentions the age demographic of Rochester being quite young, and also of the many small towns and cities that were created as the west opened due to the canal.

   It may seem a stretch, but for centuries to be sure, there has been transformations of culture by youthful desire to engage or react differently than those generations before.  With technology transforming community, much like the engineering marvel of the Erie Canal, this can be viewed in a historical context.

   We aren't saying Pokemon is a new religion, like the Shakers or Mormons, nor is it a new form of Freemasonry, but there might be a small tinge of Sam Patch in there, or even a bit of sociological jargon of how being a part of something enters into the levels of self awareness.  What is glaringly obvious is that whether museums or historic sites like it, it is transforming the way that a number of people are interacting with their space.  Museum Hack covers how to "How To Catch Millennials With Pokémon GO At Your Museum" but regardless if a location seeks out that demographic, rest assured that they may be there playing anyway.

   Schoharie Crossing reportedly has a Pokestop located near the Visitor Center, however we haven't been able to confirm other locations on or near the site as of yet.  We look for comments from players who can shed some light on their experiences.

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