Erie Eats - Lunchbox Lesson Episode #4

We hosted Derrick Pratt of the Erie Canal Museum to speak about their Erie Eats Project.  This project “will showcase the diverse ways in which the Erie Canal radically impacted how people in New York State and beyond interacted with the most basic building blocks of human life, food and drink. Through a major exhibition, public programs, historic preservation, and innovative community partnerships, the Erie Canal Museum will highlight the many ways in which the histories of the Erie Canal and foodways have intersected over the last two centuries and will continue to interact in the future.”

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This program was offered for free online via Webex. Donations are gratefully accepted to the Friends of Schoharie Crossing – a 501c3 Non-Profit support organization.


Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site – 129 Schoharie Street – PO Box 140, Fort Hunter, NY 12069


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