Field Trip Season - Schoharie Crossing & Ticket to Ride

 For years Schoharie Crossing has offered wonderful student visit programming …

Field Trips!

They are essential to every child’s school journey, and what better way to support that than with a great trip to a wonderful historic site – and the cost covered by the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor!? 

We have covered this idea in a previous post, “The Erie Canal: More than Grade 4 - Schoharie Crossing” but it bears repeating again.  The true value is that students learn when they visit the site.  They are given a perspective that cannot be gleaned from a textbook, and they are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers.

Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site  offers a wide array of resources – available to engage and promote student achievement while learning details about the crucial era in early American history.  The Erie Canal however, is just the lens that so many important themes are shown and focused through.  At Schoharie Crossing, students learn the vital role of society, engineering, politics, economics and more within the foundations of the fledgling republic.  Students will leave feeling a sense of place, a sense of identity as New Yorkers, as Americans – as well as be inspired; that if such a feat  that was “a little short of madness,” can overcome so many obstacles and can be such a success, they can too!

We encourage you to promote a visit to Schoharie Crossing for your local school, club or organization.

For more information:
Contact the site:   -   (518) 829-7516

Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site
PO Box 140
129 Schoharie Street
Fort Hunter, NY 12069




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