Moments in Geocaching

Well the Winter 33 Geocaching Challenge has begun...and my son Andy and I had the honor of placing the 9 hidden geocaches at Schoharie Crossing. We headed out on a Saturday morning, which if any of you have teenagers, getting them to do anything in the morning on a day off of school is a challenge. But he was up for it.

I have to thank David Brooks for having to bow out of helping, I know that sounds like I didn't want him there, but in fact it was not that at all. Without David, I was able to spend one on one time without any electronic distractions with my 16 year old son. These moments are getting so rare as he gets older, and spends more and more time with friends and on his own. But I miss the times when we could go hiking for hours and talk. So I cherished every moment as we walked and talked about everything and nothing.

This is something that Geocaching has done for us. Although Andy was 13 when we started together, and always adventurous and up for anything outdoors, being 16 now, those times have become less and less. It's just not cool to hang out with your Mom. And I get that, after all my Mom was the last person I wanted to "hang" with when I was 16.

The Geocaching events that are a part of the game have brought us close to some lifelong friends. As we travel we meet people from all over the world enjoying the game. And the places we have seen...places I know I would never have found on my own without having coordinates in a GPS, are amazing! Hidden places like caves and coves, spectacular places, with views and vista's you have to see to believe.

And then there are the challenges like the Winter 33 that we are a part of now that is getting people out in the winter to enjoy the fresh air. In their logs they have shared the experience of coming to Schoharie Crossing, some for the first time others have been here before in Summer. Below are some of the logs that express how they feel coming here: 

"Thank you, Sara-Cap & friends, for yet another well done series! I had never been to this park before, but I am glad I finally did!"

"A big thank you to Sara-Cap NYS Parks for supporting geocaching in their wonderful parks and historic sites - in every season  !!"

"Just about done. Really enjoyed the trail, the historical signs and the caches. Thanks so much for putting these out."

"Just amazing that this was all dug by hand and then abandoned for a better canal. Thanks for the hide Barb."

"Cully50 and I were enjoying a great walk along the Schoharie Crossing trails on this nice winter day - earning Sara-Cap smileys along the way  ! This was our first time here in the winter so it was nice seeing the historic area in another season! - TFTC!"

"This was probably my favorite of the SC Winter series. I'm a sucker for old structures, like the old lock here. Thanks again Sara-Cap!"

"Cully50 and I enjoyed checking out this old double lock and the informative sign prior to searching for this one... it really is amazing what had to be done to accomplish trade in centuries past!"

"Last one of the day as my family and I made the loop around this great park with our 3.5 yr old and 5 mo old. Trail was stroller friendly for our off road 4x4 unit with suspension. A great time was had by all! Thanks again to all of the volunteers and to the state park service for authorizing these. Without caching we never would have even known about this very interesting park. Thanks!!!"

The logs are what tell me that this place -that is right in our backyard- is a new place to discover for others who would not have come here without the challenge. I hope to bring more people to this place I have come to love. Hope to see you along the trails.


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Posted by Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site on Monday, February 15, 2016


  1. Sounds like fun, I've always wanted to give this try! I'm all for getting out and about!

    1. It certainly is a lot of fun. Bring your camera along, never know what you will come across!

  2. What a way to enjoy time with your teen son! More people should get out there and explore the parks and everything else around us. If that means geocaching all the better


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