Adventures in Geocaching

Adventures in Geocaching...               
                Well we had our first Geocaching Event this past week at Schoharie Crossing! It was an official Leap Day Event, which for Geocachers means a souvenir on their Geocache page. In the world of Geocaching we try to take advantage of any opportunity to get out and geocache. And an extra day this year is as good a reason as any.
                Because it was a weekday and most people (like me) have to work or go to school, we decided on a short early morning event. We called it “Leap Day Morning Coffee Cache” and because it was only 30 minutes long (yes, hard to imagine an event that last 30 minutes) it was attended by those early morning Cachers who didn't have time for a lengthy event but wanted to grab that “souvenir”.  As an added bonus, we also gave away the Groundspeak official Leap Day Geocoin, made especially for Leap Day 2016.
                Our attendance was small, just 9 of us, but our goal was not quantity, we just wanted to get an event in for the souvenir and be on our way. Which for some was to find the Winter 33 Geocaches at the Schoharie Crossing site.   Everyone was having such a great time we forgot to take a group photograph!  And although we may not have had quantity, we certainly had quality.
                The Geocacher who traveled the furthest (TravlnTrio) came all the way from western Massachusetts to log the event. He said he usually caches as a trio with his family, thus the name, but was on his own that morning. We also had a couple from Saratoga (Adirondack Bet and Travelin Joe) who were on their way to Florida, and wanted to get in the event because they would be traveling all day. As it turns out Travelin Joe won the Leap Day Geocoin.
                My good friend and night caching companion Leaton was at the event. He is an ex-marine and a gentleman of the highest caliber. If you come across a cache of his you always know it will be challenging, but not so challenging that you would ever give up the search. We have cached often together and especially enjoy the challenge of night caches. Which really takes the game to a whole new level.
                Our furthest east was from the Utica area was “hikecycletri” who also joined in a group in doing the site Geocaches with “LCSM”. And of course my son Andy and new Geocacher and co-host of the event (BeecherCreature) were there to share in the camaraderie.

 It's always a great time for me when I can get together with my fellow Geocachers; to learn about new caches that have been placed and just share in the adventures we have had. We are hoping to have another event in the late summer. Hopefully we will see YOU there! And if you’re interested in trying Geocaching and don’t know where to start, let me know, I’d be happy to get you started.

Released at the end of January 2016, the Friends of Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site Newsletter!Please enjoy and...
Posted by Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site on Tuesday, March 8, 2016


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