2014 Top Five - Year End Review

The Friends of Schoharie Crossing Blog has only been online since June 2014.  

In that time the information posted, images shared and program details for this great historic site in New York have been viewed and shared around the globe.  Below is the Top Five list of the most viewed posts:

     This is a great testament to the interest in Schoharie Crossing.  By reaching out through the internet and increasing our social media reach, we are connecting to not only larger numbers of people but a more diverse field of interests, backgrounds and visitor base. 
     To make it even more exciting is the increasing buzz about the Erie Canal due to the modern “Barge Canal” obtaining a place on the National Register of Historic Places.  While the “old” canal has held that distinction since the 1960’s, the recognition that the canal system in New York is still vital today is something to be proud of. 
     Taking a tiny leap forward toward 2017, there is also a lot of discussions happening in the canal community all over the state as development of programs, exhibits and outreach are underway to celebrate the bicentennial of the first shovel full of earth moved to create the artificial river that would go on to define an era and build a nation.  Began in 1817, the digging of the canal has been recognized as an engineering marvel and New York State has a lot of rich history that surrounds it. 
     Look forward to more information from Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site on how it is planning to recognize and celebrate the anniversary! 


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