Sheepish to say, there's no Lion Here

Happy March! 

We are well on the way to spring, but that begs the question: 

     Is the month coming in like that proverbial lamb or stalking like a hungry lion?

The humdrum of the winter is nearly past regardless, and this month is the perfect time to take stock of the upcoming history and recreational events planned for summer all around the region.  In this previous post LINKED HERE, the Friends blog presented some really great resources to help along with that.  

March is Women’s History Month as well as Irish-American Heritage Month – so it only seems appropriate to take on some of those themes in this month’s blog postings.  Look forward to some really interesting bits and articles about women’s roles during the canal era, as well as the immigrant story of how the Irish were integral in building, maintaining and operating the Erie Canal.     





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 Until then, enjoy this 1957 short educational film "America's Heritage: The Erie Canal" – can almost hear the hum & buzz of the projector in a darkened classroom:

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